Monday, 19 November 2012

Essay - Advantages and disadvantages of computer

Fairly acknowledge as the eighth wonder of the world. Computer have brought a tremendous revolution in every walk of life and are expected to open more vast fields due to the dexterity of those who design hardware, these who design software and those who develop application programs.

 The scientist applied it to the prediction of weather earthquakes, and storms, controlling of satellites and controlling of atomic reactions in reactors and else where. Engineers have not lagged behind. They use computers in designing cars, aeroplanes, ships, buildings bridges and tools.

In the business world, computer are playing great part. They are used to word processing, record keeping, inventory controlling, payroll processing, account keeping, auditing, stock marketing and ticket reservations.
Bank now use them to keep records day-by-day transactions, keeping accounts and managing over al investment. For entertainment purposes, computer are now used to play complex games, I.Q games, 3d games and stimulation games.

 Lawyer and police recognize the usefulness of computer soon. They are now used to keep records of criminal, record of the court and record of the decisions.

In the field of education computer are being used to play important roles. They are used to learn and solve statical problems, differential and integral problems and complex mathematical problems.

 Graphics also realize the utility of computers and used them in preparing titles or slides for commercial televisions in preparing cartoons films and preserving painting and drawing maps.

 What make computers advantageous are their speed, capability to perform multiple tasks at a time, accuracy, diligence, running ability for longer period, perform variety of tasks, automatic operations and decision making capability.

 But computer dont have only merits. As all man made things have their limitations, weakness and short coming, so are the computers wrought with them. Firstly they have inflexibility. It understand only symbols. Secondly they need detailed instruction to work. Thirdly they are costly and their peripheral devices are far most costly than the equipment themselves. Fourthly the cost of maintenance is also high. Fifthly the cost of operation in terms of staff, and material is expensive. Sixthly in particular circumstances stored data may be completely lost. Seventhly they are susceptible to destructive programs called virus. Eightly they need extra care in handling and maintenance.

 Despite the aforesaid frailties, foibles and faults they are tainted with. Computers are widely acclaimed, intensively used and bindly relied upon. Their applications are increasing in various files and they are expected to do services so far not imagined by man.


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