Friday, 9 November 2012

Essay - Importance of Muslim Unity

Importance Of Muslim Unity
Muslim of the whole world are passing through a very critical and
hard period now a days. The need for Muslim unity now is greater than at any other
time. After the the trade tower blast on ninth September the Muslim are suspicious in
the eyes of the western countries. Every Muslim in the west is now critically watched
as if he is a terrorist. The Muslim countries were facing sanction, restriction and
difficulties and the hand of western super powers, now.

This is a time for Muslim of the whole world to get united with each
other. Unity is strenght. This unity will have great fruit in the future. It will help
the Muslim countries to make progress in different field. Their will be strong. It will
also strengthen their different needs. They will stand as strong nation before, the
world. And the western powers will consider the Muslim and Muslim countries will
respect and regard. It is high time that all the leader of the Muslim countries should
sit together and think about this important matter. Otherwise one by one Muslim
country will become a target of aggressive by America. the need is that Muslim
countries should solve their differences and help each other in the progress. Then they
can stand at their own, not at the mercy of the west. Off course unity is strenght.


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