Friday, 23 November 2012



Science and technology has advanced in each and every faculty of life. It has made life comfortable and easy. Modern ways and means and changing life patterns of our society have made the individuals of the society lazy and sluggish. Scientific advancement has assisted in ascending the electronic media. In the modern age, electronic media is developing with the fast pace. Its perpetual and enhancement seems to be boundless.

Electronic media includes all means of communication, the network of which is scattered thought out the world. It is suppose to play a big role in spreading the social values, culture and civilization. It has played a functional role in modifying the moral and cultural values of society. Electronic media has wiped out distances between remote countries. It's a chained system in the form of complete network.

 Dish receiving system and modernization of Internet computer programming have brought a revolutionary change in moral ethics. A moral and culture change in a society sometimes proves itself to be an insincere change fraught with social evils. Electronic media of this modern century has specifically tried to decline the moral values of Muslim civilization and it look as if they have succeeded in this vulgar effort. Their culture vulgarity is doubtlessly obvious.

 Modern film industry and descending culture values of European countries have played a fundamental role in declining the cultural, social, moral and spiritual values of Muslim countries by propagating the culture of their own society. Means of communication is supposed to be responsible for such hollow changing moral and social values.

  There are also some positive impacts of the electronic media. It's widely spread programmes have ascended the generosity, talent and vast knowledge of people in regard too universal exploration. It has widened human and boundries of imagination. It has also opened man's eyes a litter wider to the wonders and vastness of the universe around us. Electronic media has also proved it self to be the phenomenon of revelation of the present age, exhibiting in its modern form.


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