Monday, 12 November 2012

Essay - Picnic at SeaSide


Last summer, my uncle decided to go to Paradise Point for an outing (for picnic). We hired a bus for the entire day and reached their at 8a.m in the morning. We hired a hut there, took our breakfast consisting of toasts, Jam and tea and bought fresh water from some local resident.

 Then I, with my cousins, went for a stroll along the shore. We collected shells of different types and colours. We walked of waves, storms, ships, whales and sharks.

After the stroll we decided to bathe but uncle did not allow us. He told us that the sea was high and stormy and it was not advisable to bathe. We sat on the sand by the hut and played ludo for some time. Tired of ludo, we again went for a stroll. We decide to play cricket.

We played cricket for an hour then went to our hut as we were hungry. The lunch was delicious. After lunch we rested for an hour listening to music.

My causin had brought a football. We began to play on the beach. After an hour, with the permission of uncle we entered the sea to bathe. He has given us a rope and ordered us all to hold it during our stay in the water. We were not allowed to go far or to swim. We enjoyed the waves that come after another to drench us.

 By that time, the sun had set and it was dark. We decided to return and sat in the bus for the return journey.


  1. good essay!
    this is the essay that i needed!
    can you please provide essay on pakistan day celebration!

  2. Yes ofcourse.. any thing for u sir,, i will post it within 2 days.

  3. Well...I think its for SSC students but I want For CSS Exams.... :P

  4. good (but two mistakes) causin (cousin) Their (There)

  5. Good thought,but grammatical errors,no peragraphing,spelling mistakes.

  6. it was the essay that i needed and after a long time i find it will you plz post an essay on A visit to a historical place

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  8. Good but Grammatical mistakes and a bit weird story

  9. Really helpful for us to learn.

  10. very long intrestent and good

  11. very long intrestent and good

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