Friday, 9 November 2012

Essay - Natural Disaster Earth Quakes

Natural Disaster Earth Quakes
Natural disasters are faced by the world every now and then. They are natural process of controlling population. They are floods, earthquakes, droughts etc

 Recently there has been an earthquakes, which was experienced in Pakistan and India. Thought it was felt in areas of Karachi but its major disastrous effect was faced by the people of Gujrat in India.

 It was severe enough to kill almost thirty percent of population of Gujrat wheres the ratio of people who were injured and damage is too high. It look almost a month for the workers to clear up the mess that was created by the earthquake.

  Gujrat is basically a Mulim-based city. Most of the people who were killed were the followers of Islam. People lost their properties, their houses, their families and other belongings. Many volunteer agencies worked and helped people to get back to life, army, police and municipal corporation were efficiently working to get the dead-bodies and burried people out the ground. Lots of people were not found. People were given fund by the NGOs, and social welfare organization and of cource by the government, to compensate the damage caused by the Earthquake.


  1. I really wonder why earthquakes can damaged like this one and some parts aren't. It is really difficult once phenomenon like this comes to our lives.

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