Saturday, 24 November 2012

Letter - request your monthly allowance

Write a letter to your father requesting him to enhance your monthly allowance.

Examination Hall,     
A.B.C School,         
23 November, 2012

Dear Father,
      I am in receipt of your remittance of Rupees 1500/= after paying the tuition fee, and other dues of the hotel and the land lord i am left with Rupees 50 for meeting expenditures of the month.
      In this context, I have to point out that the cost of living has terribly gone up and it is not possible to live within Rupees 1500 despite economization. I am alive to your difficulties as beside meeting the cost of maintenance of the family, you have to meet the cost of education of my brothers and sisters, but i am constrained to request you to send me Rupees two hundred more as no type of economy can help me to manage with  Rupees four hundred per month.
      Father, I am sorry to trouble you but you can see there is no way out.

Your loving son