Monday, 19 November 2012

Letter - spend summer vacation

Write a letter to a friend inviting him to spend his summer vacation with you.

Examination hall,      
A.B.C School,         
21 September, 2012

My dear Friend,
      Schools are closed for summer vacations from today. It will reopen at 1st August. What a relief! I think you will also enjoy this long break.
      I wish you to spend these holidays with me. My father has promised to take me to Murree during these holidays. Unlike Karachi, its climate is fine. We shall enjoy its touching and beautiful natural sights. I hope your father will allow you to join me in this holiday experience. I am sure you won't have any objection.

Your Sincerely

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  1. Suddenly, Alex had a great idea: Why not just stay at a hotel in the city?norges fjellrikeste øy