Friday, 23 November 2012

Essay - HAPPIEST DAY of my Life


Happy days are not infrequent in life. A day is happy when some small desire is fulfilled, a dream is realized and a hope is materialize. A happy day is lost in the jumble of time but the happiest day is never forgotten. It remains fresh and lovely in the mind and is thrilling when thought of.

It was the 6th of August, the day the Board was to declare my SSC results. I had worked hard during the year and had done well at the examination but still i was nervous, anxious and uneasy. Hope and desperation got hold of me in turn. At one minute I was sure of my success and at the other I feared failure. Time passed slowly that day minutes seemed to be years.

All of sudden my younger brother rushed in with the newspaper in his hand. I snatched it and began to search my roll number among those who had secured Grade A. My heart sank as it was not there. Then I searched further but my roll number was not among the students who has got grade B and C. I burst into tears and felt so weak that I could not stand. My younger brother suggested to search in list of student securing A-1 grade. I did so and I shouted with glee to find my roll number there. My mother came running from kitchen to see what had happened. When she came to know about my result she prostrated on the floor and thanked God with tears running down her cheek.

The atmosphere changed suddenly. Everybody seemed glad. The news soon reached my friends and relatives. They began to come to congratulating me with boxes of sweets. Some of my relative gave me money. My father was at his office. My younger brother telephoned him. He was overjoyed and came home smiling. He gave me a thousand rupees note and embrassed me.

In the evening my mother called my relatives and my friends to dine. She had prepared tasty dishes. We all enjoyed the feast, talked and laughed. In the feast, I appeared to be some one of importance and I beamed with glee. It was my happiest day and I will never forget the thrill, the exhilaration and the elevation I felt that day.


  1. a brealeant vocabolary and apragraph that i never have seen

  2. awesome i hope dis helps me fr my english exam tom :D

  3. This is definitely gonna help me in my grammar final exam!! ;)

  4. not such a nice theme but good vocabulary :)

  5. It is like summer vacation essay in one day. I never understand how to write it. And now I have a good example. I like it. I just read an article about summer vacation writing that inspired me to write an essay about summer holidays. But after reading yours - I change my mind and decided to write about hot summer day that I remember.