Thursday, 15 November 2012

Essay - Flood In Pakistan

Flood In Pakistan
Floods are common all over the world. In Pakistan flood, often, come after june and bring with them all possible devastations to the life and the property. these floods are sudden.

 A flood is a natural calamity and despite all precautions and arrangements, the desolation and ruins it bring with it, can not be avoided. Scientist and engineers have failed to devise some arrangements to control it.
 Flood in Pakistan, as anywhere else, are caused by flowing rivers. The rivers over flow due to heavy rains. But in Pakistan the flood is aggrevated by opening of Bunds by India who in order to save her people and properties.

 To save people and property in Pakistan, protective walls have been erected along the bank of River Sindh and Kutcha Bunds have been constructed. But when flood come, they demolish these protective walls and bunds at various places and cause damages to people and properties.

 When a flood come it with it havoc, and devastation. The water drowns the standing crops and the plants die. The water enters houses. Sometimes it is sudden and unexpected that it sweeps away persons with it. Thousand of domestic animals that are saved die due to shortage of fodder and shelter.

After the flood is over the affected peoples are given money for relief . Clothes, medicines and articles and food are rushed to the afflicted people by different organizations and social service societies. Hundreds of persons are died of epidemic that breaks out after the flood. But when the next flood comes the same story is repeated and the poor people living with in the flood area suffer again.

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