Friday, 9 November 2012


Pakistanis are sports loving people .This is clear from the large number of cricket and hockey fans who turn up to watch the matches or keep up their T.V. on late in the night.

 I am fond of playing cricket and seldom miss any cricket match shown on the television. In the second week of April, I watched the last one day match between Pakistan and West Indies. It was play Delton stadium at Cuba. The match was directly telecast on PTV. It lasted late in the night. Pakistani skipper Wasim Akram won the toss and elected to bat.

 Pakistan’s opening batsmen Ramiz Raja and Amir Sohail batted with confidence and gave a good lead to Pakistan. Amir hit 8 four and score his third continuous fifty in one day matches. Arrival of Sajid and Inzimam-ul-Haq pulled up the score to 150 runs for sixth wicket partner ship. We witnessed some very fine cricket. The whole team is out for a total of 240 runs. It was a reasonable score .The blackish fast bowlers share four wicket each.

After the lunch, the West Indies to do up the crease. As usual they play a
 windy game. After the fall of their opening pair, Richi Richardson pulled up the score to 150. He was cleaned bowled by Waqar Younus. The tempo of the game slowed down.They were 172 for seven wickets. unexpectedly their tail enders wagged the tail and the last pair put-up 230. Eleven runs were needed for victory. They had score it in last over. The crowd behave badly ,entered the ground and hindered the finish. Still 2 run were needed in the last ball.It was so unpeeling and was done to save their force from defeat.

  The match ended in draw as Pakistan was robbed of it two-one victory. The umpiring is fairly good, but the spectators, as usual , behaved against the spirit of the game. One the whole it was good cricket.

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